Sunday, June 13, 2010

a note from rexburg

hello girls,

i'm in rexburg right now and i've been doing my fair share of eating millhollow. enough for all of you ladies... definitely. i've had two mediums and one small of "tart raspberry with strawberries" blender. (one of those i ate while sitting at a table with the very awesome lisa-marie.)

i've driven past the shanty and thought about how cool we were during our glory days...

and holy cow! have any of you guys seen the new m.c.? i mean, i totally don't even recognize it anymore! it's completely different. i have no idea where i am in there anymore. they have the raddest food court area thingy that i am very jealous about. those young 'uns just sit there with their freshly chopped salads and slices of cheesecake, clicking away on their fancy laptops using wifi. they don't even know how rough we had it. wifi? can you imagine? no way. we used to only be able to look at our school email on campus. it's craziness i tell you.

i kept asking josh, "do we look old or do we look like we fit in?" josh just looked at me like he didn't want to tell me the truth that we definitely don't fit in anymore. maybe the four kids thing gave us away.

anyway, i just wanted to let you ladies know that i'm here in rexburg and thinking of you...

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lara said...

very delayed response...i'll be in rexburg this weekend. i'm worried i'll be a little disappointed with the way quirky rexburg has changed:(