Wednesday, October 20, 2010

we can do this.

no one really posts on here, but i am going to...maybe someone will read it months after the fact.
but, i think it's necessary to post regards to corrina's post seen below.
a number of us have hit some road blocks...hard spots...tough times lately. i'm reading blogs thinking, "man, everyone's kind of going through some crazy stuff right now." some more than others.
i was having a discussion at lunch with some coworkers today...usually we talk about the housewives of atlanta, or other cotton candy-type topics. today was pretty serious. we talked about hard things that happen in our lives and how sometimes we find ourselves asking, "why me?" my friend shared something she had heard on a tv show...something on tlc. a family had a couple children with a crazy life-threatening-fluke-only on tlc-kind of illness. the parents were asked if they've every wondered, "why us?" their response was, "we realized that maybe we are experiencing this because we have enough supports to handle it."
my friend who was sharing this story is going through some crazy stuff and she started crying to us (whoa)...sharing how she is grateful for the supports around her so she can handle what is being thrown at her. stuff that maybe others couldn't handle.
so...i'm thinking of all of you. and myself. whether it's health/kids/finances/loneliness/work/family/testimony...we are dealing with a lot. we have our families...we have each other.

we can do this.

thanks, everyone.


aubry. said...

i'm crying.

robin said...

thanks lara. that was much-needed and very tender.

i feel hugged.

Andi said...

love you lara, and thanks for this.
i miss you girls and can't wait for the 2011 cruise reunion!

basket 411 said...
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cindy. said...

you're so good lar. this was good. i love it. and i love you. i love ALL of you.

one of my friends said what i think is very profound the other day . . . when we are thrown hard things we just get to show off and show what we are made of. just and opportunity to watch the Lord work his miracles in our behalf. his chance to show off a little too.

Corrina Baker said...

Whew, luckily that's one thing the E.N.T.I.R.E Shanty is good at......showing off.

Phillip and Kirsten said...

thanks, lar! miss you all!