Wednesday, April 20, 2011

we'll get there fast and then we'll take it slow

today at spin i had a vision...

it was all of us shanty girls enjoying a lovely weekend (or week?) in an exotic location like key largo... relaxing by the pool, snorkeling, lying on the beach, drinking delicious virgin drinks, shopping, and eating a lot.

it was a lovely daydream, and it got me through a vicious hill we were climbing. (i love spin.)


josh and i like to dream big. we always play the "when we're rich" game. but i always tell him that's why we went into major debt to go to cornell... to get rich! right?!

and i always say, more than anything else, i would love to be able to have enough money to pay for family and friends to be together. to be able to say to my family, "hey, we've got this reunion covered. everyone just show up!" or, "alright shanty girls, your tickets are paid for, bring your bathing suits!"

this would be my ultimate dream.

my love language is quality time. (can i get an amen, aubry?)

so it may take a while, but in a few years if you all get an email from me asking for a weekend when you're all free, be expecting something great...

it will happen!


cindy. said...

i have the very same dream, robin! of being able to take really good care of my friends and family...get them together to do fun things whenever and where ever i want. but my husband is a social worker, so i continue to dream...

your vision is beyond dreamy and sounds perfectly perfect. i'll keep a close eye on my email!

Andi said...

yes please.
wouldn't it be great if we were all rich and we could treat each other to surprises like that.
i need a beach vacation.

Lisa-Marie said...

my sister kim and i say all the time, "i'd be a nice rich person. can i please just get the chance?" and kendon and i always say, "they say money can't buy you happiness, but we'd like to test the theory."

and i'm totally impressed (jealous) that you can actually see yourself being rich in the next few years. the only thing kendon and i will ever probbaly get to count are our blessings. (i guess that's something!!!!!)

love to all the shanty girls! i think i'll were my shirt tomorrow!

Phillip and Kirsten said...

hahaha, we say the same! only my dreaming big right now is "when I'm rich, I will buy pop tarts every day!"

count me in! (no brothers better be gettin' married all of a sudden this time, that's all i've got to say)

lara said...

i'm a you can count on my income to pay for ALL of you! wahoo!

but you know, even if we were just all in some dumpy gym, taking a spin class together, singing to the beach boys...that would be enough for me.