Thursday, July 14, 2011

all in favor, say i.

i propose we make this blog private.
so does lara.
{we just spoke of it over the phone.  so, lara already says i.}

for my own selfish reason: i can tell you all - the people of whom my nighttime dreams still revolve around and who are likely the only ones who really need to know - the hilarious and painful dirty details of the worst date i've ever been on. and that's saying a lot.

since i was set up on this date by a mother/daughter/other daughter trio of blog readers, i can't tell the tale on my blog, for the things i have to say about this boy would make his mother cry.

beyond my own selfish reason: no one else needs to know {or cares to know} the details of our shantirific lives. 

anyone out there want to second our motion?