Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I have some Christmas money to spend.

I have the whole of Chicagoland at my disposal.

But I have no idea where to shop for myself!  Guess it has been that long since I've 1) lived in a place that has had more than Wal-Mart available and 2) shopped for myself.

Please, please, please tell me where to go shopping (and then come hold my hand and tell me what to buy) before I make a fool out of myself.


robin said...

oh my gosh girl! if i had money i would go to jcrew and shop shop shop! or nordstrom and buy some amazing shoes (seychelles are my favorite)... or to anthropologie and well, just about anything! or perfume, or a new handbag. get something nice!

aubry. said...

aaaamen. go! now! there are crazzzzy sales at both anthro and j.crew (trust me, i've been to three of each this week). you could always splurge on a new pair of sunglasses, too. i fell in love with the new toms line - i fell hard for this pair

Kirsten said...