Wednesday, May 19, 2010

i'm just not 21 anymore.

on my 45 minute drive home today, i was sleepy. so sleepy.
my bottle of water just wasn't cutting it so i decided to stop at the nearest gas station to get a little snack to keep me awake.
i ended walking out of the gas station with 32 ounces of soda . . . a purchase i haven't made in who knows how long! i even worked the mixology and did the 70% diet dr. pepper/30% diet coke mix i came to love during our college days.

about 12 ounces in, it started to hit. i wondered how we ever downed 44 ounces of soda 2-3 (and sometimes 5)times a week.
my belly couldn't handle that much soda anymore!
this is as far as i got . . .

oh how it made me long for our younger days of 44 ounces, air pop popcorn and a picture window.


aubry. said...

despite my best efforts, i never grew up. i can down diet coke like there's no tomorrow.

consider it a talent.

Andi said...

last time i got a giant diet coke with aubry i made her pause the movie every 20 minutes for a bathroom break.

don't worry, i don't hold my drink well either.

aubry. said...


all of you.

robin said...

my mom was AMAZED this weekend at how much diet coke i drank. i think she was proud of me.