Thursday, May 27, 2010

my first post...

Hello my wonderful lovelies! I miss you all, ya know that?

Well, a few of you have asked for details on our move. Trust me, it isn't as cool as Bobin's move but it is a move none the less.

There is a misconception that we are currently living in Raleigh, NC. We don't live there but my parents do. We are actually in Lenexa, Kansas (which is part of the Kansas City Metro) and are moving about 45 minutes away to a little town called Platte City, Missouri. We found a darling 67 year old home that we will rent (maybe even buy if we like it enough) that we are really excited about...I kinda have a crush on old homes. We move tomorrow so you can bet that we are basically NOT lovin' life right now. It seems like the more I get done the more there is left to do.

We don't have a phone number yet but I will post that when we do. Should I be embarrassed that we don't have cell phones? People gasp at me when I admit that. I never thought it a big deal because we have managed to get along fine without them for a long time. However, I am beginning to wonder if we are looked upon as weird anti-advancement type people who sign up to be on obnoxious TV shows like Wife Swap. Aubry, remember when Morgan and I went with you to visit Siri and Lisa and then go tour your awesome home? Remember how I thought that while using a cell phone I had to dial "1" and then the area code to call long distance but Morgan had the smarts to know that wasn't necessary? Oh well. We are getting them soon - just so you all know - it just hasn't been at the top of our "to do" list.

Our address is:
221 Almond Street
Platte City, MO 64079

Oh Cind - I never mailed your wedding gift. It is super cute - at least I think so. Will you send me your address again so I can get that to you? Thanks.

OK...I have more work to do so I had better get off the computer. Love you all.


Phillip and Kirsten said...

nice! i just got a cell phone when we moved last week. good luck with moving--doesn't your stuff just multiply overnight while moving?!

robin said...

what? no cell phone? that's a little crazy...

well, kinda a lot of crazy.

moving into an old house sounds so exciting! i'm super jealous.

good luck with the move! i want to hear more and i want pictures!