Thursday, January 6, 2011

denny's bonanza.

cindy. you weren't here for this. it was your wedding night so you were loooooooooong gone. rah rah rah!

corrina, lara, robin, andi, and aubry went to denny's after your reception to get some tots or something. i have no idea, but we all wished you were there (but in all reality, were really glad you weren't:)). the conversation was hysterical.

ladies, as you recall, some pretty random phrases were said, and i wrote them down. i forgot all about that little list until the other day when i came across it! oh, what a joy that was! i died laughing...but mostly was perplexed, trying to figure out what in the world we were talking about.

here they are:

"if you're happy and you smell it clap your hands." -corrina
"i am the lost sheep of fashion." -lara
"thank you for your business." -corrina
"old faithful or old yeller." -corrina

see if you can figure this one out: "well married a german schnitzle..."

there were a couple others, but this blog isn't private. ask me if you want them:)


robin said...

hilarious! i can't remember the context of any of those... but they're still funny. WE are funny.

thanks for writing those down lara. and i would love to hear the rest...

you know what's weird, i was just thinking about that little outing yesterday and how much fun it was...

Corrina Baker said...

I think it was, if your happy and your hairy clap your hands'

Phillip and Kirsten said...

does anyone else think it's funny (though fitting) that corrina is quoted the most frequently?