Thursday, April 15, 2010


I, too, have been thinking...and thinking...and trying to get to the computer...and I just can't settle on a single memory. So here it is: Kirsten's Current Favorite Memory List in no particular order:
  • sitting around the front windows in the dark like bandits waiting for Robin to come home from a date and give us a "show" on the front porch when he dropped her off. Marci and I sat on Cindy's bed.
  • Lara. Mandee. "Milk" mustaches. And them trying to decide whether or not to primp that night before boys came over to give me a blessing.
  • journal parties with Mana.
  • and the We Love Mana party.
  • gluing quarters to the sidewalk--the ultimate lunch time entertainment.
  • thinking of lunch--Andi listening to the same CD every day at lunch.
  • screaming fests. a personal fav is when Jenny got engaged and it was the one night ever someone came to check if a boy was over past curfew.
  • 10 little Indians for Halloween.
  • sharing a birthday with Roo.
  • early morning scriptures.
  • and temple trips.
  • and the early morning "no more white scrubs" party for Ashli--including turning off her alarm clock.
  • all the Shantresses sitting in the front row of Gospel Doctrine while I struggled to teach.
  • Jumping on the couches with Katrina.
  • and her "dancing" birthday party--the polka and swing.
  • 1 pan of brownies. lots of forks. plenty of room around the table.
  • Hyrum banging on the door and running away (and all screaming "HYRUM!!!")
  • the white boards.
  • all of us crying while we watched Charley at the cheap theater and looking over to see that Mana was fast asleep.

I agree with Cindy--we need another reunion!


robin said...

umm... wait a second... you did WHAT?

lara formisano said...

oh my gosh! kirsten! what a great list.

i don't remember primping before the boys came over! funny!

great great.

Andi said...

wait, what cd did i listen to every day at lunch? i don't even remember that, but i'm sure it was awesome.