Thursday, April 8, 2010

run forrest, run!

i love to run...didn't always. many of us shantresses run too. robin has a big race coming up this summer. the woman is an animal. just had baby #4 and will be doing the wasatch back in june!
runner's world magazine had a fabulous article in january of this year about running "rules."
it's long...but seriously. it's all true. my friend lori got hit by a car when we were running together one morning.'s all true.
if you have some extra time, read the article and GO ROBIN!
article: rulestorunby


robin said...

wow! thanks for the shout out lar-dawg clay!

i owe my running prowess (yeah right, i can barely run two miles right now) to you lara! i remember the first time we went together. and then i had to go by myself the next day and i totally biffed it.

i will read the article . . .

cindy. said...

i use to love run. oh wait i still do, i just can't :( stupid, stupid back. if it's going to hate me, i'm going to hate it right back. grrrr.

have fun running, robin. think of me and be grateful, will ya? :)

aubry. said...

remember the 25 random things phenomenon on facebook? thing # 14 - i would give my right arm to love to run. but i don't.