Monday, April 12, 2010

we're cute.

just got all of my pictures from the wedding and thought i would share a few to add to the 'best of shanty reunion 2010'.

so glad travis and i (or eh, LB and PJ) could sponsor such a great event :)

now can we PLEASE have another shanty reunion sometime soon? i didn't get my fill!!!


robin said...

those pictures are AWESOME!

thanks cindy for getting married.

aubry. said...

... for marrying the nicest boy in boise.

in case that hasn't previously been made clear.

lara formisano said...

oh my gosh! those pictures are us...perfect!!!

i LOVE that first picture of you and i. i want to buy that and FRAME IT. how do i go about that?

i want all of those. would it be back to save them into my picture files?? tacky town?

see you saturday my lovely!

aubry. said...

i think andi deserves a big shout out for helping shoot double time after the ceremony. if mr. tyler was working on his own, he probably wouldn't have been able to catch the great shots of cindy and travis AND all of their people.

who's with me?

shout out andi.

Marci said...

Wow Cind...amazing photos. And to the rest of you...the outfits you are all wearing are amazing. Will you all come and outfit me, Please? Since leaving the Shanty, my wardrobe has struggled...desperately struggled. Maybe that is because I never wore my own clothes and now I am forced to do so.

I have some posts coming...they are in my head right now...but be excited.