Monday, April 12, 2010

saturday extravaganza.

i had the ultimate mental battle over what my favorite shanty memory was. seeing as how i had two shanty experiences {2000/2001 and 2003/2004}, the sophomore year cloud date put up a valiant fight against my junior year's saturday adventures.

in the end, saturday extravaganza won... mostly because i have previously scanned photos. although, if i may plug the cloud date - that was the original transform-the-living-room date... it hailed in the gossimer and twinkle light concept that changed our world forever. the decorations were perfectly simple... we made the biggest mess in the kitchen... and the ever-eligible pete gallant was my date. so, there.

back to it. my favorite shanty memory: saturday extravaganzas.
the rules:
1. make a list of everything fun to do within a 3 hour radius of home base.
2. cram in as much fun as you can. strategically, of course.
2. it occurred every saturday. duh.
3. leave the house promptly at 10 a.m. if you have a test to take, a study group to attend, or a hair appointment in idaho falls, plan accordingly.
4. bring boys.
5. and a good mix tape.
6. document your every move.

for example:

distance from rexburg: 122 miles/2 hrs 25 mins.
boys: jake curtis, tim robbins, and the brown brothers.

exhibit: a t rex named sue.
distance from rexburg: 30 minutes.
boys: same. except, they brought girls along. don't know why they thought that was going to be acceptable to us, but 7 years later... whatever.

perhaps the ultimate saturday extravaganza:

distance from rexburg: 123 miles/ 2 hrs. 44 mins.
boys: same, same, same, minus jake curtis... and grant wilson.

hey, remember the "caucasian dancing" shirt tim robbins sported? classic.

oh, and then there's a whole other worthwhile post that i could create that should be called "all the times we tried to get aubry to recreate in the snow"

this time:

43987548763524987 mile cross country ski trek through mesa falls
distance from rexburg: 38 miles/ 57 mins.
boys: wes morris, some other guy i remember being realllllly nice, bradley tew, reuben grothaus, tim robbins

i s'pose the moral of the story could be -

we lived in a great place and we did fun things.
all. the. time.


robin said...

excellent post, aubry.

except for the fact that i wasn't there for any of that...

i love the overalls!

aubry. said...

i know, i know...

my "dual shanty experiences" disclaimer really should is "robin and post robin" in my mind.

aubry. said...

and overalls were SO acceptable in 2003. i secretly wish they were acceptable in 2010.

cindy. said...

i can't, i can't, i can't pick one memory to be my favorite. but that cross country ski trip would be right on my list!

that really nice boy's name was joel. don't remember his last name . . .

lara formisano said...

cindy! you always remember people's names. you are a wonderment.

my clothes. no wonder i didn't come out of byu idaho with a husband.

inferno cone!!!!!

Marci said...

Ummm...there is a boy named Jake Curtis in those pictures. Hmmm...I try not to think of him. In fact, when Dan and I discuss past loves he is not allowed to bring up JC. Weird relationship...ahhh...weird. Just ask Raubry, she went to his house with me one time...weird!