Sunday, April 18, 2010

Thanks to Lara...I can post a picture of one, of the many fabulous memories of the Shanty. 
This was after I moved out and I would come and visit, obviouly I wasn't ready to let go of the Shanty.
You were all too kind and let me come and play with you.
Thank you.

The memory: Christmas at the Shanty! Sleeping under the tree, eating yummy, gooey bread (made by Cindy) in the morning, opening presents, snuggling all day in pj's.
I couldn't ask for better memories of college.


robin said...

yay for roo! and we were glad to have you visit. i mean, hello... you're great. and hilarious.

Andi said...

i've never seen that picture, i love it.
i remember that christmas when roo came to visit. you were so excited when you thought your gift might be a hamster...i thought you were real funny.

lara formisano said...

that night you and i fell asleep holding each other's hands. now that is a friendship.

aubry. said...

i bet this was the christmas RIGHT before i arrived {again}. you had NO idea what you were in for... or the degree to which your wardrobes would improve.